Kaj Helstrand



Kaj Helstrand


Managing Director Dubai


In August 2015, Kaj Helstrand decided to return to Dubai, following 5 years based out of Singapore in a global role with one of the world's largest office industry.


Kaj Helstrand is the Managing Director of Xworks’ Dubai operation.



Through his experience as a Workplace Strategist and Designer supporting global companies, combined with his perfect understanding of the UAE market from his 7 years with Gemaco Interiors UAE (2003 - 2010), he is bringing immense value to Xworks’ clients.






Kaj is a trusted advisor in creating workplace designs that link directly to our clients’ business and people needs.



Kaj is fully aligned with the ‘Xworks mindset’ of ‘no organization is stronger than the people within' – the level of employee engagement and job-satisfaction you find in the workforce, is a reflection of the inner values of a company itself. – And a well-designed workplace can serve as a great enabler to achieve just that.