Staff Policy

All employees are treated equally – irrespective of ethnic background, religion and gender. It is our aim to develop employees by equipping them with the tools to deal with the ever-changing demands of the market. All of our employees are greatly valued, as their success ensures the success of Xworks.

By instilling our values and management styles, we will encourage free and open dialogue for employees at all levels. All individuals will be respected for their opinions and input. We want to build strong professional attitudes and character in a fun, stimulating, supportive work environment. 

Through professional design and selection of quality products Xworks Interiors as a company has a responsibility to provide our clients as well as our own employees with a good healthy working environment.

Environment is not only hard values of choosing energy saving and recyclable materials but also considering soft values for a good indoor climate, such as access to daylight, air quality, hygiene, acoustics, safety and even the view we expose our clients and employees to. In close collaboration with our suppliers, we constantly strive to excel with our environmental policies through hard and soft values.

We are far from perfect and therefore we consider this an ongoing process, but weare passionate and determined to actively play a role in the environment and to have this reflected in our company policies.

Being environmental responsible is not imposing demands on others, it is merely a question of taking matters into one’s own hands and doing what is right.

People can hear when money is whispering, but not when nature is screaming.