Interior Office Design

Here, at Xworks Interiors LLC, we strongly believe that a great office interior design can accurately mirror your company’s core values, personality and strategic objectives. Furthermore, a strong office design can help increase the productivity of your staff if the design supports creativity, effectively and fulfills all your employees’ needs.


We have been designing offices for many years in Dubai, and our commercial designers have the knowledge needed to create cutting edge, functional and cost effective office designs.

Our experienced team of interior designers will work with you to create ideas and in the end find the best solution for your company. We will take your space, your needs and your corporate identity into consideration and develop an inspirational office design solution that will give your business and your employees the settings needed to succeed.


Sustainability is something we always like to take into consideration in all our design projects. We can provide you with both sustainable building materials, carpets and furniture.


We deliver design, space planning and 3D rendering, so that you will get a realistic image of how your completed office will look like including all the details like finishes, colors, lighting and corporate logos and graphics. 


Space Planning

Well-thought out space planning is an essential first step in organizing a new office fit- out. Our experienced and dedicated design team will help you find a professional solution to meet your staff and business requirements. Furthermore, our experience and knowledge of local rules and regulations relating to office interiors will leave you assured that the project will be completed in a timely fashion and within your budget.

3D Rendering
Our designers can bring your project to life by illustrating parts of your layout plan as a photorealistic picture enabling you to visualize your intended office look even before any construction has started. Using some of the latest technology in computer-aided animation we consistently meet and exceed clients’ expectations of their interior environments.

Furniture and Material Specification
With our wide assortment of furniture and building materials, our designers can help you select a suitable solution for your design intent and budget to reflect the specific needs of your business. As we have a long history of dealing with particular suppliers and ranges of furniture and materials, we can veer you in the right direction to make the correct choices to suit your interior environment.