A new company brochure and website changes

Just as offices need updating from time to time to keep up the performance, branding materials need that, too. And we had reached that time here in Xworks. So late last year we updated our company profile completely. Which means that our brochure now has a fresh new and modern design and our texts have been changed up and strengthened. Furthermore, we have added some of our new projects, while some of the old ones have been left out. We are quite pleased with the result and cannot wait to share it with you all. . Our website will also undergo changes over the next couple of months. The first changes have already been made and more will follow. We have added small social media buttons to our menu line, so it is easy for all of you to find us on Facebook and LinkedIn. We have also added this “News” section to our website, so that we can share news with you from us, our partners, and from the Interior Design Industry as well. Finally, more new pages will be added and existing will undergo a “facelift”, so that we are ready to rock year 2015.

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