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Xworks has grown from its humble origin in 2009, to an established and extended team of young energetic professionals covering the UAE market. We have grown and expanded our brand so that we are now seen as pioneers and thought-leaders in the world of innovative workplace design. As the first company in the UAE to achieve the WELL™ Gold accreditation for our own workplace, we acknowledge and embrace the fact that a company is created by the people within, therefore meaningful surroundings are critical to running a successful team. As the awareness of this is growing to become a global trend, our human centric design approach has enabled us to work for a number of international and global customers, enhancing their productivity through thoughtful and holistic workplace design solutions.

Our Team

We believe that workplace design is a decisive factor when the young talent of today are looking for their employer of the future. By observing the quality of our own team, the Xworks family, we see this clearly. Through the ongoing development of skills and talent and a constant drive to meet and exceed global best practices, we are confident that our team will deliver beyond your expectations. We offer the most creative, inspirational and valuable workplace solutions possible to our customers.

Our Values


We believe in openness and transparency in a flat organization where we share, support and work together as one. Your challenge is ours and we learn together and solve it together within our organization as well as beyond. We are a diverse team traversing gender, nationality, culture and age but nonetheless perfectly aligned and centred around our shared passion – amazing design and its thorough implementation.


We believe that our ethos regarding people revolves around the idea of "space". This consists of a diverse, inspiring, open and collaborative office environment for all; with room for sharing as well as room for contemplation. A space where you can move, breathe and thrive. A space you can ‘own’, individually or with your team. At Xworks we have designed our own workplace as a showcase and source of inspiration for cutting edge design, encompassing efficiency and productivity and allowing the appropriate space to be used for any activity. We have incorporated enclosed spaces that focus on the individual, as well as dynamic and flexible workshop spaces for the larger groups. Moreover we invite and encourage partners and clients to work from our office, as this allows one to feel, breathe the day to day impact and completely immerse oneself in the realm of thoughtful design.


Our team members are carefully sourced and selected based on their unique talent, but we don’t stop there. We encourage our people to continuously challenge themselves and to grow and develop through industry relevant training as well as exposure to current trends. This is to ensure a constant and consistent improvement in Xworks’ deliverables – leading to unsurpassed design solutions.

March 2009

Mr. Peter Donaldson, Mr. Kaj Helstrand and Mr. Søren Kræn meet for the first time to discuss the possibility of starting an office interiors and office furniture company together.

A few weeks later it was a “GO”.

April 2009

The name of the company was a challenge and difficult to agree upon, so in the beginning we just called it “X Company”, which then later transformed into Xworks Interiors LLC.

The thought behind Xworks was to tick a box for our services with an “X” so it became “Partitions” works, “Ceiling” works, “Design” works, “Furniture” works, etc.

June 2009

Due to the ongoing financial crisis and an office interior market in Dubai at an almost stand still, Mr. Kaj Helstrand accepted a new job in an exciting global role with Haworth Furniture and moved to Singapore

September 2009

09.09.09 same day as the Dubai Metro launch, Mr. Søren Kræn and Mr. Peter Donaldson collected the trade license from Dubai Economy Department and officially Xworks Interiors LLC took off. Full speed ahead.

September 2009

First working day for our first employee - Engineer Mr. Mohammed Rafeeque.

October 2009

Our first job registration - Dirhams 150 K.

April 2010

Our first job registration over a million Dirhams.

October 2010

Our first company party (of many more since and to come).

December 2011

2nd financial year closed and became first year in black. Not much, but profit is profit.

April 2012

Mr. Peter Donaldson decides to retire and leaves Xworks Interiors.


Xworks is growing steadily and employing more dedicated people.


Xworks is growing even more and employing even more fantastic people.

April 2015

Mr. Torben Hildebrandt joins as Managing Director and partner for Xworks Interiors Abu Dhabi office.

August 2015

26.08.15 Mr. Søren Kræn and Mr. Torben Hildebrandt collects the Abu Dhabi trade license from Abu Dhabi Economic Department.

August 2015

Mr. Kaj Helstrand returns to Dubai as the new Managing Director for Xworks Dubai. Mr. Søren Kræn becomes Executive Director in a more overall role for Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

September 2015

09.09.15 becomes the official opening day for the new Xworks Abu Dhabi office.

September 2015

First company party in Abu Dhabi (of many more since and to come), but also official launch party for Xworks Abu Dhabi.

August 2016

Xworks Dubai signs lease for additional office space.

November 2016

First million dirhams job signed in Abu Dhabi.

January 2017

Xworks has the official launch party for the new premises in Dubai with a big turnout of clients, suppliers and friends (more than 100 guests).

August 2017

Xworks Dubai office gets nominated for prestigious CID Awards “best office design” in Dubai 2017. Second nomination for “best sustainable” office design 2017 announced in later August.

September 2017

Xworks Interiors unfortunately doesn’t win the CID award for “best office design” in Dubai 2017, but we are very proud of the nomination.

For “best sustainable interiors design initiative of the year” we are runner up and titled; highly commended. Well done to our “X” dream team.

December 2017

Xworks Interiors receives LEED GOLD Certification for their new Dubai Office.

April 2019

Xworks Interiors receives WELL GOLD Certification. We are very proud to be the first company in the Middle East to achieve this certification making Xworks Interiors one of the first companies in the Region to hold both LEED and WELL GOLD awards.

September 2019

Xworks Interiors celebrates its 10th Anniversary. It was a successful event attended by international and local suppliers, contractors, clients and friends.

September 2020

On its 11th Anniversary, Xworks Interiors received its Happiness Award Trophy and Certificates. Xworks is very proud to have won the 2019 Happiest Workplace, Best Workplace Wellness Program and Best Employee Engagement Program for SMEs.

October 2021

2020 we did it again! Xworks Interiors again won the Happiest Workplace Award for SMEs along with the Best Workplace Wellness Program and Best Workplace Sustainability Program.