Approvals Required for Office Moves in Dubai

It’s a very dynamic time for the professional workplace in Dubai. Millennial’s now dominate the work stratosphere in the world’s professional capitals. Nowhere is this more evident than in Dubai, where 80% of the professional population is made up of people under 45 years of age. These changes are inspiring business growth and many companies are moving offices as a result. Understanding the approvals required for office moves in Dubai is perhaps the most essential part of the process. There are required approvals that must be met before any company can move offices. These approvals vary depending on where your current office is located. For example: Dubai Media City, the DIFC and JLT region within DMCC all have varying requirements for initial approval and final inspection. Here is a complete list of the approvals required to move offices in Dubai Media City, The DIFC and JLT region of the DMCC. In Dubai Media City to gain initial approval step one is submitting proposed drawings to the current landlord before he can release a No Objection Certificate or “NOC”. The next step is to submit for Dubai Civil Defense initial approval which usually takes 2 to 3 working days to process. After that all these documents are submitted with Dubai Civil Aviation Authority. For Final Approval all projects within Dubai Media City will have to submit the Dubai Civil Defense Completion Certificate along with final drawing and an Inspection Request Letter. Buildings under DIFC approvals require a No Objection Certificate to the tower developer rather than the landlord. Companies must also obtain Dubai Creative Clusters Authority permit to work for initial approval. For final project inspection Dubai Civil Defense Inspection must be requested, submitted and approved which normally takes about 3 to 4 working days. When moving to the DMCC zone specifically within JLT all drawing proposals must be submitted to the tower developer to obtain a no objection certificate. Once received companies must submit for approval directly with the DMCC and Concordia. This will provide Concordia the means to complete the Certificate of Conformity inspection. For final inspection Concordia must be allowed to complete inspection prior to the ceiling being closed. After construction is completed companies may submit their projects for Dubai Civil Defense inspection. These approvals are the basic requirements needed for moving offices within Dubai Media City, DIFC and the JLT region of DMCC. Depending on the unique complexity of each project more approvals and inspections may be required. However, when planning your next office move within Dubai it is important to understand the intricacies required.

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