Best interior design companies for global business: How to ensure your project is in the right hands

The strongest global businesses are as dynamic as the current professional climate. All over the world, Millennials are quickly dominating professional working environments. This is especially true for Dubai, where 80% of the professional population is made up of people under the age of 45. In order to grow as a global business, companies must attract the best and brightest of this new working generation. What sets this the younger working generation apart the most is their social consciousness and their desire for a work-life balance. Global businesses with modern offices designed to inspire productivity and work-life balance are attracting top-level talent. There are hundreds of hundreds of interior design companies in Dubai. Many of which claim to have a modern approach. How do you ensure your company’s interior design project is in the right hands? Naturally, the companies with the most interior design experience in Dubai have the knowledge to best serve their clients. However many of these companies are still utilizing a classic approach to office interior design. Globally, the most cutting-edge interior design projects follow a set of standards that promote overall well-being. These standards are referred to as WELL. WELL standards focus on seven core elements believed essential  for a positive workplace: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind. These standards reflect the evolving office which parallels the evolving professional demographic and need for work-life balance. There are a select few interior design companies who balance experience with modern innovation. To ensure your next project is in the right hands, here are the best interior design companies for global businesses. XWorks lands clearly at the top of the list with nearly 30 years of experience in interior design in Dubai. Currently they are the only WELL accredited interior design company in Dubai! Xworks experienced the shift in interior design focus first-hand and fully understand the impact a well designed workspace can have on any brand’s business. Xworks takes a holistic approach with their interior design projects. Meaning the workplaces they design stimulate users to interact, move, be open, and engage, essentially creating a thriving workforce. All while upholding the highest standards in energy efficiency and sustainability. XWorks is therefore the very best interior design company for global companies in Dubai. Close behind is KPS. KPS has completed many projects over the last 20 years. Their goal is to meet the specific aspirations of each client and to provide workplace solutions that enhance their brand identity, operational efficiency, staff morale and ultimately profitability. Although based in Dubai, KPS is an international company specialising in providing interior construction services within the office, hospitality, retail, food and beverage, technology, education and healthcare sectors. Although they have not received WELL accreditation they are clearly one of the best options for global businesses located in Dubai. Last but not least is HortonTech. Although they were only established in 2012 they’ve quickly grown to one of the best and most innovative interior design companies in Dubai. As a British-led company they are rapidly gaining a reputation for quality and integrity, incorporating modern practices such as 3D rendering. They specialize in the commercial, hospitality and retail sectors.

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