Best interior design companies in Dubai for global businesses

Global business is dominated by a diverse and dynamic group of employees that require a reflection of their work culture to be represented in their workplace design. With the professional landscape being introduced to a new generation of employees, the need for adaption is more vital than ever. Millennial’s are now dominating the face of global business, especially in business capitals like Dubai, and companies have new competition to face in the hiring world. What makes this generation different is their desire for a career that provides a sense of purpose and contributes to the greater good. Milennials will continue to influence change in office innovation, but within that change a more efficient business performance will emerge. In order to be a more conscious and globally effective business, your design must feature a set of standards that will promote physical and mental well-being and the WELL standards serve as the benchmark. WELL focused on seven core elements proven to be essential for a healthy workplace. These elements include: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind. These standards are aligned with the evolving professional demographic and need for work-life balance. A handful of companies are experienced in modern innovation. Here is a list of the best interior design companies for global business: XWorks With over 30 years of experience in interior design, XWorks lands at the top of the list for trusted design. Being one of the only WELL accredited interior design companies in Dubai, they fully understand the benefits of a WELL designed workplace and have an efficient system in place to produce designs that reflect the needs of any company. Their initial analysis of any business includes observing the space and the actions of the employees, helping them to decide exactly what needs to be implemented as far as furniture, layout, and brand identity is concerned. XWorks has a holistic approach to developing interior designs that encourages employees to interact, move and engage, creating a thriving workplace. They deliver results of the highest standards in energy efficiency and sustainability. KPS KPS has completed many projects over the last two decades. They focus on meeting the specific goals of each client and create workplace solutions that enhance brand identities, operational efficiency, and profitability. KPS specializes in various industries including: office, hospitality, retail, food and beverage, technology education and healthcare. Although they do not use WELL standards, their experience and variety of projects make them a clear choice for any future design project. HortonTech Though only established in 2012, HortonTech has quickly become one of the most innovative design companies in the UAE. They are rapidly gaining a reputation for quality and integrity and bring unique practices such as 3D rendering to their designs. They specialize in the commercial, hospitality and retail sectors. When considering who to hire for your design, make sure to choose a company you trust bringing your office to modern standards. Prior to meeting a potential designer, have a clear idea of your ethos and how you want your business to be reflected on a global scale.

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