Michael Maczewski

Our companies have come a long way since we have known each other. At the beginning, our relationships are built on a leasing partner basis, then it emerged into customer – design partner relationship. When we first invited your team into our old office and gave you a brief on what we wish to achieve, we knew that Xworks would be able to meet our quality expectations and offer us a service that will be of the highest level. Today we can bravely say that Your Team, not only reach the target but exceed any possible expectations. We admire how Xworks pay attention to details and tackle all the issues and problems that come along the way. It is possible that your company is one of not so many in UAE, which is able to focus immediately on a solution when a problem occurs rather than waiting and thinking what to do. The Office that you have made for us fully represents GRENKE UAE values, quality, message, and culture. We feel comfortable here, our daily work became easier, functionality of the office space gave us freedom, flexibility, and choices that we did not have before. We would recommend Xworks services to any company in UAE, which looks for cost-effective, high-quality standards. Where customers can expect design that will match the spirit of the brand and be a great business card to the company itself. Your Team made a difference to our work life for which we are grateful.

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