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Cracknell Landscaping and Architects are regional leaders in their field and have been for in excess of 20 years. The business grew organically over this period and was born in a small conventional office in Satwa that grew and grew in line with its burgeoning success. As the business expanded, so did its need for additional space taking on additional offices as it went. This once small operation had grown to such an extent, the office spaces they had expanded into were adjacent and linked but, as they realized, not integrated as one. They took the bold and brave decision to leave their original home in Satwa and move into the modern D3 tower in AL Jadaf and engaged the expertise of Xworks with the design of their new offices. Taking on the project for Xworks was an interesting challenge, not least as Cracknell Landscaping and Architects are themselves at the forefront of Design and Aesthetics. At this point we should highlight that they are also a team of professional and experienced architects and no strangers to design. Working closely together, the design process was to become a living, breathing and constantly evolving project. As more design elements were being agreed, new and fresh ideas from the collaborative think tank were allowed to be factored in. This healthy willingness to adapt and integrate new ideas played a major part in ensuring the end result was far and beyond the original expectations. The design was split into three defined areas, the Architectural Arrival Experience, the Executive Wing and Creative Space. The Architectural Arrival Experience welcomes in staff and visitors with a professional and inviting environment and also provides access to the Executive Wing and the Creative Space. The Executive wing is home to the owners and Directors offices as well as the management and back office teams, perhaps the more conventional office environment. The creative space is a catalyst for productivity and innovation that truly reflects what the company delivers to its customers. Studio and architectural workspaces are integrated with ad hoc work-shop facilities, creative stations and even a material library for tactile reference and brain storming. Fueling this hot bed of activity is fully functioning coffee point operated by a professional Barista. The flooring of the creative space is an actual rather than metaphorical reflection of their industry and work and also a testament to the company’s willingness to explore creative boundaries. The Flooring is textured and designed to appear to be hard landscaped material, a constant reminder of the core competency of the business. The success of this project and the stunning results are a true testament to the unique approach and creativity provided by Xworks coupled with the willingness of Cracknell Landscaping to embrace change and innovative ideas.

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