ege carpets – a green carpet tale

Here at Xworks we care a lot about the environment, and we care about who we partner up with for the same reason. We want partners that value the environment too, and one of the companies that we are proud to be working with is ege carpets.   ege carpets has a longstanding history of caring for the environment, and with their new collection ReForm Memory Ecotrust they have created a carpet collection that is completely green all the way through – without compromising neither their sense of quality nor design. This collection is designed by Carol Appleton. The carpets are developed by using a complex structured multi-level loop and digital coloration to give a truly unique expression. The collection is perfect to play around with in regards to different tonal ranges and accent colors which will allow you to create separate areas in an open office or pathways to lead around the office. But what is truly impressive and unique about this carpet collection is that it is completely sustainable and 100% regenerated from the tile backing to the yarn used for the carpet. ege carpets have developed a technique that allows them to recycle used water bottles into a patented Ecotrust felt backing for their carpet tiles. The technique turns the water bottles into flakes and then the flakes are turned into fibres. These fibres are used to create the soft and strong PET felt material that is both long lasting and has a great acoustic performance too. The yarn used for the carpets is Aquafil’s ECONYL yarns that are produced from used fishing nets. First, the old fishing nets are cleaned, then they are physically and chemically broken down and “reborn” as strong and hardwearing yarns for carpets.

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