Focus Group: The Increasing Popularity of Design & Build

Love That Design’s last focus group of 2021 was aimed at the Design & Build industry, to learn more about this ever growing sphere of the A&D world. We gathered eight key firms with project portfolios ranging from mass commercial to boutique, in order to get a fair understanding of the processes. Amidst coffees, snacks and a delightful atmosphere in the a2z Showroom in d3, the following issues came to light…

Location courtesy a2z Showroom in d3
Design & Build has come into its own this last decade as more and more projects head towards this inclusive method of construction. In a recent study in the US, Design & Build (D&B) projects superseded in number as compared to the traditional method, design, bid, build. Regionally, it appears D&B is also gaining traction, particularly in smaller scale projects with a tighter budget and timeline. So Love That Design aimed their last focus group of 2021 at the major players in this field in the region to learn all about the processes involved in the completion of a design and build project vs the traditional method – the design, benefits and headaches, product sourcing, value engineering, tight timelines, and any challenges involved in following sustainability goals and certifications. An honest and open conversation ensued where we learned about what actually happens from the moment the client sits at the table. In this research led piece, we get to highlight the details, the differences and intricacies, and bring it to the masses.

Participating Designers

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