How furniture design can improve your team

In the modern workplace, your employees are likely to be spending a considerable amount of time at their work station. For some, this can be 8 hours or even more so, the comfort and function of where they will be sitting will have a significant impact on their effectiveness and productivity. Chairs that are designed to be comfortable and functional in the office come in many shapes and forms and can be known as Task Chairs.

Let’s consider some of the important attributes and features to take into account when selecting the right Task Chairs and furniture or your teams:

Ergonomic Design:
As your employees will spend around 8 hours of the day (or more) at the workplace, it stands to reason they will be spending a great deal of that time using desks and chairs. If the chairs they are sitting on are comfortable, they will find it easier to keep focused on their work without the distractions that can be caused by sore backs and bums or discomfort. Being able to adjust the heights of the seat and the arm rests are very important and proper lumber support is essential to stave off back complaints.

Furniture Shape:
Xworks focusses heavily on creating environments that promote Wellness in your teams and your task chairs have some hidden talents you may not be aware of. Did you know that round edge furniture has been linked to encouraging creativity and productivity as well as promoting happiness (positive emotions). Staying on the theme of curves, employees that are placed in a circular position are more likely to engage, work and think as a team.

What are your chairs made of?:
Look after your employees behind. They are going to be sitting for many hours so the seat should have a degree of padding (soft and supporting). You will also need to consider maintenance and how easily the material can be cleaned (without it falling apart or degrading).

Get of your butt:
Perhaps a glaringly obvious outcome of various studious is the correlation with long hours of sitting with ailments such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Your employees should ideally take regular breaks and get up and move around to increase minor physical activity and circulation. That being said, it is not always possible to do this so using standing desks is a great way to get the best of both worlds. Let Xworks show you the options that would suit your environment whilst taking the best care of your teams health and posture. As always, better health means better energy which translates into productivity.

The end result:
A clean work area with interesting colours and shapes is going to have a positive effect on your employees well-being and productivity. Get guidance from the experts and explore what creative and exciting enhancements you can make that will fit your budget as well as the size and shape of your work environment.

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