How much does an interior design cost in Dubai

How to achieve long term ROI from productivity solutions Due to the evolving professional landscape in cities like Dubai, many companies are considering hiring an interior designer to complete an office fit-out. Inspired by the new wave of millennial workers, modern office design puts a big focus on sustainability and functionality. Designs factor in the environment and place a big importance on the mental and physical wellbeing of their employees. This is reflected in the surge of new building standards such as WELL and LEED, which are “human-centred” designs that build a space to represent the values and belief systems of the company and it’s workers. These designs are proven to increase positivity and productivity in the office and have many other desirable effects. But, how much does this cost? When deciding on a design and working out the cost, you must consider all of the components involved. This will have a direct effect on the affordability of the project.

  • Area/Size of Project
  • Construction
  • Furniture
  • Custom made joinery
  • Aesthetic design
  • WELL Standard
  • Timeline
Being prepared to communicate these factors to a designer is very important. Once you have a goal in mind, you will need to calculate two factors: A square meter price and the required square meters. A good base rate is around AED 1,500 per square meter. This price will normally include partitions, ceiling, flooring, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) and furniture, but the price will vary depending on the choice of materials and requirements of proper indoor climate and environmental standards. When considering any design, think of the long-term impact and don’t cut corners. While having a more aesthetically pleasing office can make a difference, there are many other factors that will bring you a much higher return on investment. The real ROI when choosing to implement a new design is the wellbeing of employees – happy and healthy employees have less sick days, work harder and are more passionate about the work and the brand, thus improving efficiency and profit. Designers that follow the WELL standards will be more knowledgeable of the beneficial effects of an office-fit out and how to create them. Materials and custom-makes will affect the price, but can also bring the design closer to representing the core values of the company. There has never been a better time to re-design your work place. Dubai is the host of many experienced interior designers and there is a high demand for more sustainable and functional offices. Research your design team, have a clear goal in place, and enquire privately for a quote – this will aid you in bringing your work place up to optimal operational efficiency.

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