How much does interior design cost in Dubai?

When planning out any interior design project, one of the first questions asked is: How much is this going to cost? Chances are, if you pair your project with the right company, it could be less than you think. Many factors can go into the budget plan of an interior design project. When working on interior design in the workplace for example all of these will have an impact on our project’s final cost. - Area/Size of Project - Construction - Furniture - Custom made joinery - Aesthetic design - Timeline It’s important to maintain open and honest communication with your interior design company from day one. Although you may have a project budget before speaking with your designer, the project’s eventual success is dependent on a realistic budget. To create a realistic budget you will need to calculate two factors: A square meter price and the required square meters. A good base rate is around AED 1,500 per square meter. This price will normally include partitions, ceiling, flooring, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) and furniture. Once you understand the cost of the basics it’ll be much easier to plan your entire project. These basics will serve as the building blocks to determine how much your dream design will actually cost. Obtaining quotes from multiple interior design companies can provide you with a more detailed range in budget. However, those companies quoting the lowest project budget may not actually end up with the lowest cost. Some interior design companies may offer up a lower quote to start in order to win the contract. Once the project is underway price inflations and variations to the original plan can add up to a completely different final cost. If you understand the factors detailed above you can work alongside your interior design team to prevent this from occurring. Consider instead the interior design company that has taken into account the possible variations and inflations of your project. Paying close attention to the construction timeline and materials cost. Companies with the most industry experience will create the most accurate budget. Choosing the right company with the most accurate budget could make all the difference to your interior design project’s overall feasibility. Take time to consider the impact you hope your project will have on your company’s long-term goals. Research your design team, look into the amount of experience they have designing projects in your area. Have a clear goal in place that includes the impact you hope your interior design project will have. Lastly, take the time to enquire privately for a detailed quote. No two interior design projects are the same. Don’t shy away from detailed questions regarding project size, construction, furniture, custom joinery, aesthetic design and timeline.

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