How much does workplace analysis cost: What is the real ROI?

Workplace Analysis is a vital step to creating an office design that will benefit all parties involved. Within the analysis, discoveries will be made as to which regions of a workplace are contributing the productivity and which spaces are ‘dead space’, and can be eliminated or changed to better suit a company’s goals. Workplace analysis is an important addition to any design because without all of the available information about employee’s needs and wants, space observation, and informed suggestions, money can be wasted on designing elements that are not needed. The cost of workplace analysis, like any interior design, varies. The size of the workplace is the first thing to consider when assessing the price – the more desks, rooms, areas, & furniture will mean more aspect to study. The next factor is how many staff work there, as the more staff, the more time required to make accurate observations. This allows for the design team to learn about what kind of work people do in different type of work settings, meeting rooms and other spaces. It also helps to give insight about relationships and who works best together – perhaps these colleagues should be situated closer to those that collaborate the best. Lastly, a timeline must be implemented – it is important to have a clear idea of how quickly you need your analysis done. The more urgent the completion is, the more money it will cost. When considering any design, think of the long-term impact and don’t cut corners. While it is possible to create a more modern and aesthetically pleasing office without a designer or a workplace analysis, there are many other factors that will bring you a much higher return on investment. The real return on investment when choosing to implement a new design is the wellbeing of employees – happy and healthy employees have less sick days, work harder and are more passionate about the work and the brand, thus improving efficiency and profit. Workplace analysis looks at relationships, dynamism, and the finer details of design, which have been proven to aid in boosting business performance. In the long run, spending the extra money to have a design done to the highest standard and insight will continue to prove its worth. The future of any company depends how satisfied it’s employees are, and how well the office utilizes the right tools in order to bring optimum productivity.

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