How To Ensure Your Interior Designer Is Up To The Job

Navigating the world of interior design in Dubai can be a difficult task. Due to the sheer number of designers, finding the right one takes some research, but there are a few things to look out for as a general rule.  It is important to compare elements from each company in order to ensure the most successful office fit-out. TIMELINES A designer should be able complete a project within a desired timeline. Make sure to enter the discussion with an idea of how long you would like the process to take as well as what you’d like to be included. Some companies will be able to provide a ‘Turnkey’ service, which means they are capable of finishing all parts of the project, from design to construction. If you are searching for a designer that can be a one-stop-shop, ask for this level of service. APPROVALS A design company that has been in the region for a while will be up to date on building standards and any approvals required. Noting the age of the company and years of experience is essential to having an office-fit-out that will not only meet your expectations, but the legal requirements as well. Knowledge of design encompasses many facets – does their design follow requirements whilst still using the space to it’s full potential? Does every element have a reason to be there and does that reason reflect your company’s ethos? COMPETENCY Testimonials are vital to the decision making process. When searching for the perfect design team, research their portfolio and understand the strengths of every team member and the company as a whole. Ensure they are not only up to the task at hand and have displayed a strong knowledge of approvals and budgets, but look into their ability to adapt to the core values of their clients – your interior design should reflect your company’s vision.  Note which companies have been referred to in the Commercial Interior Design Magazine, read blogs and articles across the internet that showcase the various design companies of Dubai – a successful and trustworthy company will be mentioned across various mediums. While your search for a design team will require your keen interest and research, it will also require preparation. Have a clear idea of the desired aesthetic and ethos, choose a timescale that would work the best, and have a rough budget in mind. These factors will bring you closer to a perfect match and a positive workplace for all to benefit from.

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