How to maximise efficiency with interior design In Dubai

Dubai is an ever-evolving capital that has made its mark on the globe as a centre of business. With professionalism at it’s heart, the need for a positive work-force has never been more vital. “The design and outfitting of workspace is a major capital investment for any organization that can affect a number of business outcomes, including productivity, employee satisfaction, engagement, talent recruitment, and brand impact.” With new statistics emerging every day proving the necessity for sustainable and functional office elements, many companies are deciding to hire in a specialist interior design company to bring their office space up to more modern standards. The WELL Building Standard is the future of interior office design and focuses on seven elements in order to achieve the highest return on investment – positive and productive employees.  These elements include: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind. Implementing these elements can greatly improve the success of any company and following a few innovative office design trends can maximize the efficiency of work-space design. The following trends are known boosters of employee satisfaction, which in turn encourages a more efficiently run business. RETHINK THE DESK Gone are the days of cubicles and individual desks that keep employees sedentary and separated. Incorporating open spaces, height-adjustable desks, and more integrated working stations will promote conversation, thus resulting in more ideas and a uniquely bonded team. The traditional cubicle office has been replaced by open spaces, composed by flexible mobile partition systems, break out areas, informal meeting rooms and relaxation zones. BIOPHILIC DESIGN Exposure to nature is one of the most reliable ways to boost your mental and physical health. Incorporating Mother Nature into office design through natural elements, organic materials, water features, outdoor office extensions, and plant placements throughout the space have real, measurable benefits for human performance metrics such as productivity, emotional well-being, stress reduction, and learning. ERGONOMICS Working in an office can be extremely sedentary. Spending hours of time sat in a chair and at a desk can have extremely negative impacts on both physical and mental health. While avoiding them is not always an option, there are other ways to get rid of the sedentary work lifestyle and that includes choosing the correct office furniture. Soren Kraen, CEO at Xworks, explains the benefits of implementing ergonomic furniture: “We always suggest ergonomically correct sit-stand desks for all offices, because with an adjustable sit-stand desk every single employee gets a desk that they can adjust to fit them exactly. Just as important, the employee gets the possibility of variating his work position between sitting and standing throughout the day.” Incorporating any of these tactics into the work-place will revitalise employees and there are an array of interior design companies in Dubai that specialise in marrying sustainability and functionality within their designs. It is essential to find a company that works under the WELL and LEED building standards in order to achieve the best possible results.

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