It’s a special XWORKS DAY today

Today is a very special day for Xworks Interiors LLC. Not only is it our 6th anniversary, but today we also officially open our new office in Abu Dhabi, and we are so excited about the future. It goes without saying that it is a HUGE thing for us to be able to launch a new office in Abu Dhabi exactly 6 years after we opened Xworks Interiors LLC here in Dubai. It has been a dream of ours for a while to open an office in Abu Dhabi, but we didn’t want to take any chances, so we have waited for the right moment. And it’s now! The business here in Dubai is going great. We are now at a place, where we get to work on a lot of exciting projects, and we are growing at the right pace – with all the right people, and we love every single moment. That’s why we believe it is time to open in Abu Dhabi too, so that we can meet the growing demand from clients based in the capital of UAE alongside with our business here in Dubai. The process in Abu Dhabi has taken a little longer than we anticipated, but we are finally there! We now have our license, an office and even the first employee besides from Torben Hildebrandt, who is our Managing Director in Abu Dhabi. Without Torben as the Managing Director, we would probably not have started up in Abu Dhabi just yet, because we believe that choosing the right people is key for our business, and Torben is just that – the right man for us and for our business. So today is one big happy day here at Xworks Interiors. And don’t worry. Even though we are - right now - only celebrating all the good things in-house, we are planning to do a little something for partners and clients later this year. We just want to have everything up and running smoothly first. 6 years. 2 offices. We wonder what it will look like in another 6 years. Greetings Søren Kræn

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