How to Pick an Interior Designer for Large Corporates

Whilst finding a designer for a small business may be a much more straightforward process, choosing a company that can handle the pressures of designing for a large corporation may take a little more research. There are many factors that can contribute to a successful design company, and there are specific capabilities to look for including their knowledge and experience with timelines, building standards, and whether or not their portfolio has been positively reviewed.

A large corporation could benefit intensely from finding a designer who can perform a workplace analysis. The analysis involves a keen observation of a current workspace/office and helps to eliminate any elements of design that are not benefiting the company and it’s employees. The analysis will also discover which aspects of the design promote productivity. The full observation will look at furniture, rooms, walls, staff collaboration, and will also compile surveys of the employee’s opinions. These findings will aid the designer in creating a workspace that reflects the wants and needs of the company through the aesthetics and functionality.

An important detail in discussing designing a new workspace is how long the transformation will take. A designer fit to take on a large corporate office will have experience in completing projects within certain time restraints. They will also be able to provide a Turnkey service where they will complete all jobs from design to construction. When a designer is able to provide a Turnkey solution, they should be up to date on all building standards and approvals needed in a particular area. They should be able to meet both your expectations, but also the legal requirements.

To ensure your interior design team is up to the job, research their portfolio and try to understand the strengths of each team member as well as the company as whole. Take note of which companies have been referred to in profession-specific media, such as Commercial Interior Design Magazine, and across various other mediums. An experienced design team will have positive reviews as well as a full portfolio that expresses their competency as completing designs for large businesses and various branches.

It is important to pay attention to what the design team is offering you. Ensure the cost is clear. A professional interior designer will not tack on costs as you go – they will be straightforward about the project and honest about the prices. Creating a new workspace that can represent any corporation’s goals will be a worthwhile expense, but these expenses should reflect quality of design. Look for a breakdown of prices and make sure money is being spent on the elements that need it. Also, whilst not cutting corners, ensure your design team is capable of choosing ‘the best’ and will be able to bring to life the core values of the company – whether that is reflected in materials, installations, unconventional meeting spaces, or less walls.

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