Xworks goes Abu Dhabi

Oh, how we have been waiting for this moment for a while now. And today we are finally ready to reveal our biggest news ever (so far). Namely that we are opening up a new office in Abu Dhabi!

It is all still very new, and at the moment we are in the middle of getting all the details sorted out – not to mention all the paperwork. However, we hope to be up and running for real pretty soon.

We cannot tell you that much yet, but we can let you know that the Managing Director for our Abu Dhabi office will be Torben Hildebrandt, who has already slowly joined Xworks.

We will of course keep you updated, whenever we have something new to tell about the new office.

Also, we are planning a big launch party in the late fall around a pretty big event going on in Abu Dhabi the last weekend of November! Have you guessed which one?

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