Why sitting all day is bad for you – and the benefits of height-adjustable tables

You might not look at your lifestyle as sedentary, but if you are sitting at your desk for many hours every day, then you might actually be putting your health at risk – just like the rest of us, who are stuck behind a desk all day. And why is that? You might ask.

Well, sitting at your desk for prolonged periods of time can decrease the efficiency of the fat burning enzymes in your body, decrease your blood circulation and increase the chance of mental fatigue. All this can lead to a lower concentration and productivity, which means you perform poorer at work. However, these effects can also cause you more serious health problems like heart disease, cholesterol, back or neck pain and thrombosis.

But by fitting a modern, ergonomic sit-stand desk into your office, you can help yourself decrease the chances of developing some of these problems. With a height-adjustable desk you can both sit and stand comfortably while you work. By changing work positions during the day you are decreasing your chances of developing health problems, and you will soon start to feel the benefits of standing in periods.

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You will start to:

Have more Energy and Increase your Productivity

As soon as you start to change between sitting and standing you will start to feel less tired and get more energy, which will impact positively on your productivity during the day.

Burn Calories

When you stand up you burn more calories than you do when you sit. Standing will help increase the efficiency of the fat burning enzymes in your body, which means that you will be more likely to be able to lose weight – if you do wish so – or stay on a consistent weight.

Improve your Blood Flow

Standing more during your work day will also help to improve your blood flow. If you are one of many that experience cold hands when you sit by your computer all day, then you will most likely experience that by standing up your blood will flow more freely and with that you will have warmer hands.

Relieve Back Pains

The shifts between sitting and standing during the day will also help relieve back pains caused by sitting still many hours every day. The first days it will probably seem hard for the back and legs to suddenly stand up for periods, when your body is used to sitting only, but soon you will feel a relief in your back and less soreness too.

As you can see, the advantages of height-adjustable desks are many, so if you are interested in adding height-adjustable desks to your office workspace, then please contact us, as we have a whole range of different sit-stand desks for you to choose from. You can contact us on [email protected] or +971 04 321 6644.

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