Office Interior Design Trend Report 2015

We have previously touched upon the subject of trends within the office industry for 2015, but today we are going to dig a little deeper into the trends that will be dominant this year. Last time we talked more about the office space and work stations and how they are changing in their design. Today we will focus more on the trends that we see in regards to design, decoration of the office and the selection of materials. To make it easy for you to get an overview, we have divided the different trends into a mini trend report with 9 overall areas that will dominate the office interiors industry in 2015: 1. Tech-driven Just as modern technology has started to change the way the office space is designed, modern technology is also starting to change the way furniture is designed. High tech technology is no longer limited to high-end plasma screens, but we are seeing a new array of high-end products that integrate technology in new ways. It be speakers that can be plastered over and hidden, tables with integrated power sticks for phones, iPads etc. 2. Open Office Open office designs are not a new thing, but open offices are still becoming more and more dominant and we do not think that will change any day soon. As employees are using their technology and their workspace differently, not only the design of the office is changing, but also the furniture, as they need to suit the open office space better. 3. Natural Indoors The trend of bringing the nature inside has been around for as long as mankind have been building, however, in the office space this trend have not been as dominant before as it is at the moment. We see designers launching solutions that incorporate natural materials as well as products that are focused on indoor plants. It can be everything from eco-walls displaying large vertical plantations to incorporating miniscule greenhouses into table designs. 4. Geometry From textiles to product designs, geometric forms and shapes seem to be everywhere. There is something almost futuristic about the edges and sharp lines that are created when you incorporate geometry into design. And it is a versatile trend as geometry can be used to mix different colors, it can be used to create futuristic looks or create a simple but dynamic touch to an area. 5. Wall Graphics Another trend that we a starting to see a lot more is wall graphics. Both regional and international companies have taken the idea of decorating their walls and we will in 2015 still see an even greater demand on cutting edge wall graphics. 6. Playfulness We are starting to see much more creativity and playfulness in the design of office furniture these years, and we think this trend will continue to grow. And we love it. Why have boring furniture, when you can have playful (and just as functional) lamps, sofas, chairs etc.? 7. Organic Forms Almost as a sidekick to the trend about bringing nature inside the offices, a trend of using organic forms have arisen too. The organic shapes complement the notion of nature and earthy elements inside the office and can help create a serene feeling in the office. Several experts foresee a small battle between the organic shapes and the geometric ones. 8. Art Rug After a lot of years with boring plain carpets covering the floors of office building, we have seen an increase in the demand for more fun and colorful carpets over the last few years. And now we see a new trend, namely art rugs. Artists and designers collaborate with carpet manufacturers about creating contemporary carpets designs that stands out. An example could be ege carpet’s collaboration with the young Russian designer Kirill Rozhkov about a small design spot collection called Dark Water. 9. Sustainable Sources We all know that sustainability is nothing new, but still something new have happened during the last couple of years. We start to see designers doing whatever they can to get their materials from sustainable sources. Especially wood is the new big thing to order only from sustainable sources. Also in the way the products are designed and manufactured we see a trend towards doing so in a more sustainable fashion.

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