Mahesh Kamath

"I have been part of the Xworks family for over a decade. Initially joining as a Project Manager, I eventually earned the promotion to Associate Partner, General Manager. Every new role comes with its own challenges, I am thankful to Soren for his trust and guidance and my colleagues for their support. Our vision for the company is not to be the biggest but the ‘best’ in our industry. At Xworks, we foster a blend of seasoned professionals and fresh talent. We prioritize the recruitment and development of new individuals, rather than solely seeking out experienced personnel. Regardless of position, every employee is treated with equal respect, from the Managing Director to the supervisor. We believe in open communication and transparency. We actively share our vision and ideas with all members of the organization, while also warmly welcoming suggestions and input from everyone. We firmly believe in shouldering responsibilities collectively, rather than burdening a single individual. Additionally, we provide ample opportunities for each person to take the lead and showcase their potential."

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