Project of the Month: Glander International Bunkering

Our Project of the Month this June is a project we just finished off for Glander International Bunkering – a project we are very excited about finally being able to show you all. Glander International Bunkering is a world respected trading and brokering firm specialized in marine fuels and lubricants, and they needed a completely new office here in Dubai – an office that office would spread through a complete floor. Xworks Interiors was selected to do a full turnkey build including all the designs. We chose – in collaboration with Glander – to design an open space office with a great focus on ergonomics and the overall work environment. The design is held in light and bright tones with a focus on natural light, acoustics and, as mentioned before, ergonomics. We have only used good quality materials and furniture, and we have focused on creating a modern open space office with break out areas and even and in-house fitness center for the employees to relax, exercise and be social. All to improve and support a good and healthy work environment at the office. As ergonomics and healthy work positions was in focus we supplied the whole office with quality height-adjustable tables and good adjustable office chairs too. In order to enhance the acoustics in some areas, such as smaller meeting rooms, we designed some modern looking fabric upholstered walls. The CEO & CFO wanted a solution where they would be a part of the open office, but still have the possibility of closed privacy for meetings, so we came up with the solution of electrically movable glass walls/doors that would allow them to be an integrated part of the office, when the walls are open, but give them privacy when closed - without them becoming completely shielded off. As to the furniture we supplied Glander with pieces from Holmris, Howe and Haworth. The carpet was supplied by ege carpets and the ceiling from KnaufDanoline/Danogips. Want to see more pictures? Then just click right here!

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