Workspace solutions in Dubai: The developments that bring proven operational efficiency

Dubai is now trending as one of the top urban professional hubs in the world. Incorporating new innovations can bring all businesses to a level of success that has not been previously imagined. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and leading Dubai office design companies are developing new and inventive ways to boost productivity in the world place. While studies continue to emerge, one thing has remained a constant – the WELL Building Standard. Following the seven pillars of this concept will bring your company to the front line of success, while building a healthy mental and physical health amongst your team. What is WELL? WELL is an ideology, structure and certification process that combines design and construction strategies to create healthy workplaces. WELL focuses on bringing up the quality of buildings, where employees spend the majority of their time.  These building standards have been proven to improve efficiency – something that is a vital force behind any successful business. Below is an explanation of the seven facets of the WELL Standard, and how these developments are proven to increase operational efficiency. 1)    AIR The AIR aspect focuses on removing pollution and increasing fresh air. Smoking bans for e-cigarettes are one example, while bringing in biophilic design can promote oxygen flow. 2)    WATER With recycled-air conditioning units, multiple coffees or caffeinated substances, and deadlines, it’s not surprising that a whopping 75% of people are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration leads to fatigue, which can cause foggy memory, irritability and anxiety – all of which are toxic in any environment! Making sure water is readily available, and even focused on will aid in improving efficiency. Some businesses try filtering their water, or making it Alkaline to boost a number of other health benefits. 3)    NOURISHMENT WELL is human-centered, and doesn’t miss a beat. Nourishing our bodies is the best way to keep us in a state of both mental and physical happiness, which is the easiest way to maintain a positive and productive team. WELL requires the availability of fresh, wholesome foods and limits unhealthy ingredients. 4)    LIGHT The circadian system is a biological process that keeps humans in a 24-hour clock. This internal clock relies heavily upon natural daylight to balance hormones and many other factors. With many offices lit up by fluorescent and other artificial lights, our circadian rhythm can be thrown off. This can cause sleep deprivation and digestion issues, among many other negative effects. It is vital to have natural light or circadian lighting systems to keep your employees bodies working in their natural way. This has unimaginable effects on wellbeing. 5)    FITNESS At least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity five days a week is necessary to achieve optimal health, including weight management and disease prevention. In today’s office world, the majority of people are sedentary. WELL promotes physical activity and implements strategies to put employees in motion where possible. 6)    COMFORT WELL requires designers to produce a distraction-free, productive and comfortable environment. Acoustics, ergonomics, thermal comfort and olfactory are all factors to be considered when developing for optimal comfort. 7)    MIND The MIND segment of the WELL pillars integrates biophilia, art, adaptable spaces, business travel and a healthy sleep policy. Healthy minds mean a healthy attitude towards work and an enthusiasm for productivity. These seven concepts from WELL are necessary to have optimal operational efficiency. When looking for an adequate interior designer, inquire as to whether they follow the WELL standards.

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