Gloria X

Xworks Interiors LLC: A Company Committed to Social Responsibility and Conservation   We like creating new things. We like designing and creating beautiful new offices, transformative beautiful spaces, and making the people we partner with smile on a daily basis as a result. We think that’s what life is all about: looking at a blank canvas and imagining what can be painted onto it, all starting from a single thought and bringing something new into existence. At Xworks it’s our raison d’être. But to create the new is only half of the story. Because with every beautiful thing that can be created, there’s something already here that’s equally beautiful. That which already exists should always be preserved and nurtured. Protected, nourished. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that alongside other companies who see the world the same way we do, Xworks has adopted a Rhinoceros in Namibia’s incredible new Rhino Sanctuary.     Gloria X (what a fabulous last name!) is a majestic female rhinoceros who represents hope, resilience, and a brighter future for her endangered species. Gloria X is living proof that some things in this world are worth fighting for. More than profits, business, or kudos. What we love about Gloria is that she’s nature distilled into its purest form. We can’t wait to be by her side, ensuring a long and happy life. Xworks will be with her stride by stride, day by day, with the fabulous heroes at the sanctuary: it’s a social responsibility we embrace to prevent the extinction of these magnificent creatures, caring for them so they can thrive, multiply, and remain protected from the threat of poachers. And most importantly… we believe it’s just the beginning. You see, sometimes when we create something new, we overlook what’s already here. But when we take a glance at the world around us and take a step towards protecting what needs protecting and nourishing, like Gloria X and her endangered species, we believe the world will thrive. Children of the future will thank us, and beautiful creations like Gloria X will, too.     These are the kinds of initiatives that we are only too delighted to be a part of. The world is full of beauty, new and old, and together we can ensure its harmony and prosperity for generations to come. And it all starts with Gloria X. Would you also like to be a benevolent sponsor? Click here to know more.  

International Women’s Day

Xworks fosters a gender-inclusive atmosphere within our workplace. We are committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and ensuring equal opportunities for all employees. Moreover, we firmly believe in upholding equity alongside equality to maintain a fair and supportive environment.

Team Trees

In our effort to take action aganist deforestation, Xworks has proudly supported Team Trees in their mission to plant 20 million trees throughout the year 2020. As expected, the collective efforts from all over the world have led to the planting of over 20 million trees, making a significant positive impact on the environment.

International Plastic Bag Free Day

At Xworks Interiors, we are committed to reducing plastic waste and preserving our planet. That’s why we have embraced recyclable bags as a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags. By making this small change, we are taking a giant leap towards a greener future.

Iftar Kit Distribution Abu Dhabi

Our organization actively collaborates with other groups to extend support to the less fortunate, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. This heartfelt initiative involves enthusiastic participation from our employees who contribute both financially and actively engage in this charitable action.  

Iftar Kit Distribution Dubai

Our organization actively collaborates with other groups to extend support to the less fortunate, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. This heartfelt initiative involves enthusiastic participation from our employees who contribute both financially and actively engage in this charitable action.  

Breast Cancer Awareness

“Breast cancer awareness is not only a matter of social responsibility but also an essential aspect of corporate commitment to making a positive impact on the health and well-being of individuals. Xworks, as a responsible company, raises awareness about breast health for both women and men and the importance of screening for early diagnosis. By promoting knowledge and understanding, we aim to empower individuals to take proactive steps in safeguarding their well-being and contributing to a healthier society.”  

A new company brochure and website changes

Just as offices need updating from time to time to keep up the performance, branding materials need that, too. And we had reached that time here in Xworks. So late last year we updated our company profile completely. Which means that our brochure now has a fresh new and modern design and our texts have been changed up and strengthened. Furthermore, we have added some of our new projects, while some of the old ones have been left out. We are quite pleased with the result and cannot wait to share it with you all. . Our website will also undergo changes over the next couple of months. The first changes have already been made and more will follow. We have added small social media buttons to our menu line, so it is easy for all of you to find us on Facebook and LinkedIn. We have also added this “News” section to our website, so that we can share news with you from us, our partners, and from the Interior Design Industry as well. Finally, more new pages will be added and existing will undergo a “facelift”, so that we are ready to rock year 2015.

A look at Office Trends anno 2015

Just as our world is constantly evolving, so is the “world” within offices. New needs arises every year, and new solutions are developed to meet these. As we are a part of the office interior industry, we love to stay updated on the latest office trends, and we would like to share some of the latest news on office trends anno 2015 with you. Because they are quite exciting – not to mention very relevant for everybody working at an office. Which most of us do, right? As you all know, smartphones, tablets and notebooks make the office more mobile and less dependent of location, which means that the design of the office has started to change in order to fit the new ways of working. Therefore, we will see a trend where the central zone of the office will play a bigger role as a “point of communication” – a place where people meet to brainstorm, do classic business and be social. This will mean an increased focus on creating open spaces like working cafes and creative lounges where people can exchange ideas. As the open spaces grow bigger so do the importance of great acoustics. Also, due to a continuously greater focus on work environment a growing demand for sit/stand solutions and ergonomically correct height-adjustable workstations will be seen in 2015. Finally, again due to the mobile and space-saving technologies we all use today, workstations are becoming more compact and minimalistic. Focus will be on ergonomics and design. Even screens and organization panels are being designed to bring more life into the workstations.

Project of the Month: HQ Creative

As you might know by now, we are starting several new initiatives this year. One of them is called “Project of the Month”. As the name suggest, we will each month present one of our projects and let you in on some of the thoughts behind the final result. As this – our very first – project of the month, we have chosen the full turnkey office we did for HQ Creative. HQ Creative is a well-renowned event management & design company based here in Dubai. The company wanted an office that would reflects their innovative and creative company soul. Together with HQ Creative we therefore designed an office with a big open workspace in a light and modern style. In the middle we incorporated a “creative thinking” area for the employees to gather for brainstorming sessions, creative development sessions etc. In all the materials used for this project both design and quality played an important role. For instance, to secure a great working environment in the big open area, we used soundproof ceiling. We also used quality carpet from our partner ege carpet. We used the graphic carpet called Orbit from ege’s elements @work collection to add a little something extra to the floor. HQ Creative wanted both quality and great functionality in all aspect – including their furniture, so we turned to our Spanish furniture partner Forma 5. We used furniture from Forma 5’s Vektor System, M10 line, Melamine Storage line, their Garbo chairs and V30 meeting table and several other product lines. As to the color scheme we used mainly white in the office area with color splashes in bright orange and green to add playfulness to the office and support the creative environment. The overall interior design with open workspaces and meeting areas in bright colors and modern style completely support the dynamic and innovative environment that is required by employees that need to deliver creative solutions for a living. Want to see more pictures? Click here.    

Office Interior Design Trend Report 2015

We have previously touched upon the subject of trends within the office industry for 2015, but today we are going to dig a little deeper into the trends that will be dominant this year. Last time we talked more about the office space and work stations and how they are changing in their design. Today we will focus more on the trends that we see in regards to design, decoration of the office and the selection of materials. To make it easy for you to get an overview, we have divided the different trends into a mini trend report with 9 overall areas that will dominate the office interiors industry in 2015: 1. Tech-driven Just as modern technology has started to change the way the office space is designed, modern technology is also starting to change the way furniture is designed. High tech technology is no longer limited to high-end plasma screens, but we are seeing a new array of high-end products that integrate technology in new ways. It be speakers that can be plastered over and hidden, tables with integrated power sticks for phones, iPads etc. 2. Open Office Open office designs are not a new thing, but open offices are still becoming more and more dominant and we do not think that will change any day soon. As employees are using their technology and their workspace differently, not only the design of the office is changing, but also the furniture, as they need to suit the open office space better. 3. Natural Indoors The trend of bringing the nature inside has been around for as long as mankind have been building, however, in the office space this trend have not been as dominant before as it is at the moment. We see designers launching solutions that incorporate natural materials as well as products that are focused on indoor plants. It can be everything from eco-walls displaying large vertical plantations to incorporating miniscule greenhouses into table designs. 4. Geometry From textiles to product designs, geometric forms and shapes seem to be everywhere. There is something almost futuristic about the edges and sharp lines that are created when you incorporate geometry into design. And it is a versatile trend as geometry can be used to mix different colors, it can be used to create futuristic looks or create a simple but dynamic touch to an area. 5. Wall Graphics Another trend that we a starting to see a lot more is wall graphics. Both regional and international companies have taken the idea of decorating their walls and we will in 2015 still see an even greater demand on cutting edge wall graphics. 6. Playfulness We are starting to see much more creativity and playfulness in the design of office furniture these years, and we think this trend will continue to grow. And we love it. Why have boring furniture, when you can have playful (and just as functional) lamps, sofas, chairs etc.? 7. Organic Forms Almost as a sidekick to… Continue reading Office Interior Design Trend Report 2015

ege carpets – a green carpet tale

Here at Xworks we care a lot about the environment, and we care about who we partner up with for the same reason. We want partners that value the environment too, and one of the companies that we are proud to be working with is ege carpets.   ege carpets has a longstanding history of caring for the environment, and with their new collection ReForm Memory Ecotrust they have created a carpet collection that is completely green all the way through – without compromising neither their sense of quality nor design. This collection is designed by Carol Appleton. The carpets are developed by using a complex structured multi-level loop and digital coloration to give a truly unique expression. The collection is perfect to play around with in regards to different tonal ranges and accent colors which will allow you to create separate areas in an open office or pathways to lead around the office. But what is truly impressive and unique about this carpet collection is that it is completely sustainable and 100% regenerated from the tile backing to the yarn used for the carpet. ege carpets have developed a technique that allows them to recycle used water bottles into a patented Ecotrust felt backing for their carpet tiles. The technique turns the water bottles into flakes and then the flakes are turned into fibres. These fibres are used to create the soft and strong PET felt material that is both long lasting and has a great acoustic performance too. The yarn used for the carpets is Aquafil’s ECONYL yarns that are produced from used fishing nets. First, the old fishing nets are cleaned, then they are physically and chemically broken down and “reborn” as strong and hardwearing yarns for carpets.