Electricite De France


EDF has a commendable track record in developing clean energy projects in the Middle East. EDF has aimed at achieving a Net Zero energy future through innovative solutions and nominal electricity.

The client's plan only involved minor refurbishment by adding a minimal amount of furniture. However, after comprehending the client’s intricate requirements, Xworks, through extensive, productive discussions and timely guidance, advised EDF, rightfully so, for a major expansion. EDF, whose existing space is over a decade old, absorbed and complied with our expert recommendation and were able to foresee that the current space was no longer compatible to accommodate their growing team.

Electricite De France

Year 2023
Size: 11,140 sqft
Location: Abu Dhabi Mall, East Office Tower, Abu Dhabi
Design by: Xworks Interiors LLC
Built by: Xworks Interiors LLC
Furniture by: Xworks Interiors LLC


The project posed a challenging timeline, involving the design and build of a sizeable new 11,140 sqft office, that encompassed designing a 4,305 sqft outdoor balcony, and reinstating existing office premise of the same size – all to be achieved within 75 days.


Effective teamwork and precision were the keys to the successful and timely completion of this unique project. The result was beyond stunning, and it garnered robust appreciation from both the client and the building management.

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