Forma 5


With the launch of its new brand, Pattio, there arises a requirement to refurbish the current office in order to create room for showcasing new products, given its dual function as a showroom.

Forma 5

Year 2020
Size: 2,006 sqft
Location: Fortune Tower C1, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai
Design by: Forma 5
Built by: Xworks Interiors LLC
Furniture by: Forma 5


Our project brought about a specific challenge that required careful handling. The space had two different levels for both floors and ceilings. Originally, the ceilings were closed, but we changed them to open ceilings, giving the area a new look. During this process, we needed to reorganize everything to fit the new open ceiling concept.


By creatively converting the ceilings to open, along with rearranging the layout to match the design, we successfully tackled the challenge. The result was an improved and updated space that felt more open and appealing serving the dual purpose of an office and a showroom.

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