Xworks Dubai Office


Growing in numbers means we need more office space. But it's not just about space – we want to create an office that also shows off our design capability and fit-out skills. The intent is to build an office space that will not only serve as a functional workspace but also doubles as a captivating showroom.

Xworks Dubai Office

Year 2017
Size: 2,437 sqft
Location: Hilal Salim Bin Taraf, Bldg., Al Bada'a St., Al Wasl, Dubai
Design by: Xworks Interiors LLC
Built by: Xworks Interiors LLC
Furniture by: Xworks Interiors LLC, Forma 5, HolmrisB8, ICF, Haworth, Hay, Carl Hansen, Fritz Hansen & Chat Board


Our project came with some interesting challenges that needed a lot of effort. Firstly, both the client and the designer were very demanding, which made things difficult. The brief was to achieve LEED and WELL GOLD certification, but the building was old and did not meet many of the LEED requirements. Secondly, we had to find a different way to achieve the certifications by changing how we planned and executed things. Thirdly, the business needed to keep running all the time, so we had to work in phases. Lastly, it was the first version of the WELL Certification, and it did not consider the local challenges of UAE’s regulations and climate.


By finding smart solutions, changing our approach, working in stages, and adjusting to local challenges, we successfully delivered the project. Our hard work made sure the certifications were met and that the business could keep running smoothly. 

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