A research-based biopharmaceutical company wanted to open an office in the heart of the healthcare sector in the UAE.


Year 2015
Size: 3,873 sqft
Location: Level 4, Building 24, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai
Design by: Xworks Interiors LLC
Built by: Xworks Interiors LLC
Furniture by: Xworks Interiors LLC, Forma 5


Our project faced some interesting challenges that needed careful handling. Firstly, it was our first time working on a project for the healthcare sector. This required us to learn new things and adapt our approach. Secondly, this project was also the first one we did in Dubai Healthcare City. We needed to understand how things worked there and meet their requirements. Thirdly, we had to make sure we followed all the rules and regulations set by the authorities. Lastly, the client was based overseas, thus specifications and material samples to be sent for approval. 


By learning, adapting, following regulations, and communicating remotely, we successfully delivered the project. Our approach ensured that the project met the specific requirements of the authorities as well as the client.

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