Glander International Bunkering


With a distinguished heritage of over six decades, a bunker trading company with headquarters in the USA aimed to extend its market reach by establishing an office in the Middle East.

Glander International Bunkering

Year 2015
Size: 7,500 sqft
Location: Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai
Design by: Xworks Interiors LLC
Built by: Xworks Interiors LLC
Furniture by: Xworks Interiors LLC, Haworth & HolmrisB8


Our project faced distinct challenges that demanded careful attention and problem-solving. Firstly, the client had specific demands for a full-fledged gym and kitchen to be integrated into the design. This required creative space planning and coordination to ensure these facilities seamlessly fit within the office layout. Additionally, obtaining approval from the relevant authorities proved to be challenging, adding complexity to the project’s progress. Furthermore, the client’s request for a designated smokers’ cabin within the office space presented both design and regulatory challenges.


By effectively addressing the client’s distinctive demands, navigating authority approval complexities, and innovatively solving the smokers’ cabin challenge, our team showcased adaptability and ingenuity. The successful execution of the project highlighted our ability to tailor designs to unique needs, adhere to regulations, and find innovative solutions to complex requests. 

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