Project At DWTC


The objective is to support PMKCOnsultant in facilitating the expansion of the client's office which has to be carried out in single phase.

Project At DWTC

Year 2022
Size: 11,840 sqft
Location: Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai
Design by: Xworks Interiors LLC
Built by: Xworks Interiors LLC


Our project journey was marked by the constant flow of change requests from the client. These modifications posed a two-fold challenge: maintaining the project’s completion timeline while accommodating the evolving demands. On top of this, the project faced an additional complexity due to the integration of the building corridor into the client’s premises. This involved the reconfiguration of the corridor’s passage and a redesign of the MEP services to seamlessly connect with the client facility.


Our team showed that we can handle changes from the client and make things fit together well. Smart planning and open communication kept everything on track, even with the changes. We made the corridor work smoothly with the client’s space, showing our skills, and proving that we always want to give great results, no matter what challenges come our way.

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