The objective is to meticulously design and construct the client's first office within the Gulf Region. This endeavor entails the creation of a space that embodies the client's vision and requirements, while also aligning with the unique cultural and business context of the region.


Year 2021
Size: 3,078 sqft
Location: Dubai Internet City, Dubai
Design by: Xworks Interiors LLC
Built by: Xworks Interiors LLC


Our project encountered a series of challenges that required skillful solutions. Firstly, we were renovating an office and had to deal with existing MEP and HVAC systems that posed challenges due to their condition. Secondly, we needed to make Value Engineering (VE) changes to the MEP setup to align with our plan while staying within budget and timeline constraints.


Our approach ensured a well-functioning office space with updated systems while remaining within the project’s financial and scheduling constraints. The design and construction process is carried out with precision and innovation to ensure that the resulting office not only meets functional needs but also stands as a distinctive representation of the client’s presence and values in this dynamic region.

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