GAC Hub Services


GAC stands as one of the numerous returning clients of Xworks Interiors. Over time, we have been entrusted with various projects, including the outfitting of their Hub Services Office in Dubai World Central.

GAC Hub Services

Year 2019
Size: 12,700 sqft
Location: Dubai World Central, Dubai South, Dubai
Design by: Xworks Interiors LLC
Built by: Xworks Interiors LLC


Our project came with challenges that needed careful thinking. Firstly, we needed to keep the existing flooring and ceiling so the client wouldn’t need to make big changes when their lease ends. This required smart planning to make everything work together. Secondly, we had to make sure there were enough power sockets on the walls, with extensions for each workstations.


By cleverly working with the existing features and setting up power smartly, we solved the challenges in our project. Our success showed our ability to plan carefully and make things work well. It also made sure the client wouldn’t have big problems when their lease ends. This experience highlighted our commitment to delivering projects that are practical and make clients happy.

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